Bactalogical Tri-Nozzle Fogger

For use with EndoSan5 Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide & XtraProtect Multiuse Alcohol Free Sanitiser

Offering efficient and reliable dispensing of the EndoSan and XtraProtect Formula

The combination of adjustable valve and tornado action nozzle maximises mist up to 30ft directionally.

The Tri-Nozzle Fogger is designed for use with EndoSan & XtraProtect and can be used in any location for disinfection of airborne or surface micro-organisms.


Further Information

Key Features

Only one moving part (motor/fan assembly) which is fully enclosed and permanently lubricated
Rotary valve to adjust output
Tornado action nozzle


Dwell Time & Safe Entry

DWELL: EndoSan needs at least 30 minutes to kill pathogens. The concentration in the air will drop.

SAFE ENTRY: Allow at least 60 minutes after the dwell time. To be sure, use Gas Tubes (1ppm)

GOOD PRACTICE: Set the timer on the fogger after personnel have left the building for the evening. Safe entry next morning.

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