Trains, Planes and Automobiles – We have a solution for them all!

Regardless if your transporting people or parcels, the importance of a safe and sanitised environment is key for the well being of customers and employees alike.

Unlike private vehicles, the characteristic usage of public and commercial vehicles is to constantly facilitate the movement of passengers or cargo, some of which change not just daily but even by the minute. Maintaining the cleanliness in these circumstances requires resilient, long lasting disinfectants that are time efficient to apply.

Bactalogical provide market leading solutions that fulfil these precise requirements. Applications include fogging, spraying, surface and even self-serve options ensuring your fleet of coaches or aircraft can be cleansed no matter where they are in the world!

Air: Aircraft I Helicopter I Cable Car
Rail: Train I Tram I Monorail I Shuttle I Underground
Road: Taxi I Minibus I PSV I LCV I HGV I Car I Trailers
…and many more!

Key Benefits

Example Application Areas