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Guarany’s range of World Health Organisation (WHO) approved environmental health spraying products have been providing equipment to clean, sanitise and to combat tropical diseases and pests throughout their 90 year history. Our range of cleaning and disinfecting equipment is ideal for cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting large areas both at home and at workplaces such as offices, gyms, public buildings, schools, shops, hospitals and clinics.
Wet spraying is an ideal solution for the repaid and thorough disinfection of hard surfaces and large areas – both indoors and out.

A lightweight 10 litre (70psi) capacity backpack sprayer ideal for general disinfectant, pesticide and fertiliser application.

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Key Features

  • A robust small hand held 1.25 litre capacity compression sprayer capable of delivering 3 Bar pressure (45 PSI)
  • Capable of 3 Bar (45 PSI) pressure
  • 1.25 litre capacity
  • Large inlet for easy filling
  • Safety valve to avoid over pressurisation
  • Made from high density polyethylene

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