Bactalogical Endosan5.

Fogging is the most efficient solution both for combating airborne pathogens, as well as disinfecting large areas that require rapid re-entry and minimum disruption. Once cleaned, the disinfection decontaminates  all of the surfaces the fog comes into contact with and can also be distributed through air conditioning systems.

EndoSan 5 is powerful, highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant system that is both stable and safe with viricidal efficacy under clean and dirty conditions.

Hydrogen Peroxide has been proven effective against enveloped viruses within just  1 minute of application and is used by the NHS.

Tested to:
BS EN 1276:2009, BS EN 1650:2008, BS EN 13697:2001, BS EN 13697:2001 with fogging efficacy proven by Profectus Biomed

Further Information


• Highly effective surface or object disinfectant
• Perfect for any surface or object (e.g. water tanks, food prep areas, medical equipment, etc)
• No post application rinsing required
• Forms no harmful by-products
• Safe and easy to apply with quality trigger mechanism
• Alcohol and Chlorine Free
• Odour, colour and taste free
• Two year shelf-life

Application Instructions

  • Fogged EndoSan 5 needs at least a 30 minute dwell time to kill pathogens. The concentration in the air will drop.
  • To ensure safe entry, allow at least 60 minutes after the dwell time. To be sure, use Gas Tubes to confirm peroxide concentration below 1ppm.
  • Set the timer on the fogger after personnel have left the building for the evening. Safe entry next morning.
  • PPE for applicator.

Technical Data

• Physical state: Liquid
• Colour: Colourless
• Odour: Pungent
• pH (100%): < 1.5
• Freezing point: -3 °C
• Boiling point / range: 103 °C
• Flash point Not flammable

Handling & Storage

• Open container carefully in case of pressure build up, avoid exposure, wear suitable PPE.

• Protect product from contamination and keep away from sources of ignition and combustible materials.

• Ensure adequate ventilation, especially in confined areas.

• Never return unused product to container for re-use.

• When dosing water systems, ensure system is suitably vented to prevent pressure build-up during active decomposition.

• Keep in a cool, well-ventilated place. Keep away from heat, sources of ignition and combustible materials. Condition of containers should be checked regularly. Store in original container where possible, if transferred store in a clean receptacle equipped with a vent. Storage containers/vessels should be stainless steel or plastic (PVC/HDPE preferred).

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